The #Big200 campaign

Thanks to the combined fundraising ideas of Stacey Varkel and Cara Saven, The Big Issue was able to launch the #Big200 Campaign in 2015. The aim of the campaign has been to get 200 people to pledge R200 per month to The Big Issue in support of our work, so we are able continue to do the work we’ve been doing for the past 21 years.

As detailed elsewhere on our website, The Big Issue not only produces a fantastic monthly magazine for budding micro-entrepreneurs to sell on the street, we also provide social and skills support and training to ensure that our programme participants are able to maximise income from magazine sales.

As with most non-profit work, we need your support to be able to achieve what we do. Your membership of the #Big200 would go a long way to making a BIG difference.

Spread the Message

Spread the message as far and wide as you can – if each one of you gets at least 5 friends/ colleagues/ family members to pledge their R200 per month, we’ll get there in no time. And it’s so easy to do.

There are two ways to join the #Big200:

Set up a monthly stop-order from your bank account to our bank account
Account name: The Big Issue
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 072027282
Branch: Blue Route, Tokai
Branch code: 025609
Account type: Current
Reference: Your name/BIG200

Use our Snapscan QR code each month to contribute R200 each time, or you can contribute the full amount of R2,400 as a once-off contribution.
Once you have selected your preferred method of support, we would appreciate it if you could email and/or to confirm your membership of the #Big200, and to provide your full contact details so that we can:

  1. Add your name to our #Big200 Wall of Fame on our website (PLEASE let us know if you would not like us to)
  2. Send you a Section 18A tax certificate at the end of the financial year in which your contribution was made.
  3. Please tweet, Retweet, post it on Facebook, Like it, talk about it, email it – help us get the message out there. Thank you for your support – and a really Big Thank You from all our vendors!
David BullardSteve KatzLouise van RhynAnonymousNicola
Diamond familyArelisky familyBlackwellMark HibbertRBM
Stuart KantorB ExcellHelen DuringLunsky familyDonvay Wegierski
Phumzile Van DammeSarah BrittenLes RuhrmundGootkin familyBarbour family
The Cohen FamilyViv GordonGoldstein familyPhilip Hirschson
Cara SavenDavies familyThe Lou Singer Charitable TrustThe Kurgan TrustW Stay
The Leo and Patricia Fine FoundationCoffee RightSally PhillipsAnonymousSteven D’Agiuar
Brenda DoyleLeisha DaviesMazor AluminiumAnne Marie van BuurenSeven C
Craig NainMartindale-TuckerDK SmithNeil TillemansGuy Harris
The Egg TrustDoug JacksonMJ SmithAnonymousNicky Wilton
Jayson ChinLynne SmitMaze ClothingDebra Gouws AttorneysBrendan Manca
AnonymousAnonymousLaura MarkovitzEliot OsrinSusan Bourne
Alice & Jack TorresJ M FlannaganJoanne WalshIsa-Lee JacobsonIan & Dalene Morris
HarrisEA ReynoldsSimon HudsonCoast & CountryVeritas Wealth
Baalbergen familyMarliVictoria ReuversMichelle PerrinsMarja Roodt
Nation ClothingOpenfield MarketingAlon LitsAnli van JaarsveldAnton Ferreira
Dani de BeerJoanne WalshFiona RossMark and CaKanan Wealth
Keswick FamilyMacDonald familyMarja RoodtRoger GrahamN Wilton
Nation HousingStein familyR HirschTerry & Barbara BellRose Cohen
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Catherine AdonisCraig HowieDaguairGawronskyJill
K LittleMichelle BaartmanNaylorPhirschohnR Maskell
RL RouxShoot Out CrewSmallbergerSusan PlattUthando3

We’d also like to thank the following donors,
who recently contributed to The Big Issue:

David Bullard, Anne Welsh, Naett Atkinson, Bronwynne Wiehl, Eileen Janeke, Venetia Paulse, Nicole Dodd, Stuart Thomas, Marthalize Tredoux, Adam Barnes, Bianca Tait, Annelie, Hennie Coetzee, Rachelle Bricout, John Perlman, Mike Wilter, Gareth Morgan, Johann Botha, Burbidge, Viv Gordon, Cohen family, Sheila Duchenne, R Ronnie, O Osborne, Sally Phillips, Favish, Bravo, Zoom, Rael Levitt, Sheila, Family Baalbergen, Davies, Beth Silbert, Elise and Romain Sormani

* If any of these donations are ongoing monthly contributions towards the Big 200,
please let us know by using the reference Your Name/Big 200.

Change is in your pocket

The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalized adults to take responsibility for their own lives through development employment programme.