The Big Issue #299

  • The Big Issue #299 (19 August – 20 September 2021). Available from your favourite vendor across Cape Town. Anyone outside of Cape Town can buy the magazine at selected Spar and Pick n Pay stores.

Pet rescues 

Animal cruelty and abuse is a barbaric practice and abuse of ill-conceived notions of power over other species, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. TEARS is actively putting a stop to it.

Fearless Dingo Wild 

Wildlife conservationist, adventurer and award-winning Discovery Channel presenter, ‘Dingo’ Dinkelman, hosts one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in South Africa. Read how his daring new Cage of Death series is changing the face of wildlife conservation

Who is SA’s animal whisperer?

Animal communicator, author and conservation activist Wynter Worsthorne chats to us about an ancient indigenous ability in us all – to communicate with animals, help clear up baffling animal behaviour, locate lost pets and more.

Binge-watch on Showmax …

Devilsdorp is a bingeworthy Showmax docuseries about a horrifying Krugersdorp murder story with shameful details previously unrevealed by mainstream media. Editor-in-chief of Weekend Special, Karen Rutter investigates…

Africa and I

Armed with nothing but $80, a backpack and a pocket camera, 20-year-old Othmane Zolati walked, biked, skated and hitched rides from Morocco to South Africa – covering 30 000km, across 24 countries…

Meet Plett’s happy dogs

Volunteers from Muddy Pooches feed 250 pets from informal settlements every Saturday. It’s a beautiful testimony to the compassion that people can show towards their pets …

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Vendor Art

Design: theme for these works is nature fitting with this issue.

Vendors in the Hood – Constantia Cape Town

Vendors in the Hood – Constantia Cape Town The cold, wet weather, traffic, and pandemic mean that our vendors work doubly hard standing for hours and […]

Meet Plett’s happy dogs

Volunteers feed 250 pets from informal settlements every Saturday

The Cult Killers

Devilsdorp is a South African crime-documentary series that lays bare the uglier truths that you haven’t heard in mainstream media.

Locked down – Cage of Death

Phenomemal South African wildlife crusader and passionate conservationist, Dingo Dinkelman, gets up close and personal with reptilian creatures and other wild animals in KwaZulu-Natal.

Africa and I 30 000KM, 24 Countries, 1338 Days

Walking, biking, skating, and hitching rides – 20-year-old engineering graduate Othmane Zolati has laboured, danced, laughed, and friended his way from Morocco to South Africa’s southernmost tip in Cape Town, armed with nothing but $80, a backpack and a pocket camera.

SA’s animal whisperer

Wynter Worsthorne, animal communicator, author and conservation activist, chats to us about bridging the gap between the human and animal world, clearing up baffling animal behaviour, locating lost pets and more.

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