The Big Issue #296

  • The Big Issue #296 (20 May – 19 June 2021) is available from your favourite vendor across the city

Meet bestselling novelist Marita van der Vyver

Marita is guest editor this issue! She’s won more than 30 international and local awards and her books have been made into movies. She shares eight of her favourite top SA authors’ stories, poems latest book extracts.

Inside Facebook’s secret reading society 

Probably one of the most select book review groups on Facebook, attended by celebrity writers themselves. Author Paige Nick shares reviews of best reads.

COVID-19 Art

A visual delight by Nathan Trantraal and Ronelda Kamfer, honouring and examining the feelings of front-line staff in their fight against COVID-19.

kykNET’s rising star

Are there people in your life who are no longer getting along? Maybe you’ve had arguments or been angry and become estranged. Cato Bekker host and producer of kykNET’s new program, Die Uitnodiging (The Invitation), talks to us behind the scenes.

Murdering Tim Noakes

Death by Carbs, a new fictional thriller by Paige Nick is a banting comedy about the murder of Prof. Tim Noakes. There are so many suspects it’s difficult to know where to begin.

SA poetry published for the first time

Award-winning poets Ronelda Kamfer and Diana Ferrus publish some of their work for the first time in English in The Big Issue. These extraordinary talents and harbingers of SA culture are creating literary legacies for future generations.


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Moms, maths and gangs

This story of hope from communities rife with poverty and gangsterism started with maths literacy and moms.

An invitation to reconcile

kykNET’s new reality TV show Die Uitnodiging (The Invitation) is back. The second season reconnects families, mends broken relationships and encourages healing. We chat to host and executive producer Cato Bekker.


A creative project dedicated to medical staff and their acts of bravery during COVID-19 – by Ronelda S. Kamfer and Nathan Trantraal.

Inside the secret reading society

The Good Book Appreciation Society is a secret Facebook book club with almost 15 000 very active reading members.

Find a friendly vendor – Claremont, Cape Town

Each issue we feature our vendors and the area they work in. They buy their own magazine stock and sell them on to you, our readers.

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