The Big Issue #279

  • 20 September to 19 October 2019

The Big Issue #279 (20 September to 19 October 2019) is available from your favourite vendor across the city.   

Gender violence is as much a lived reality for women in this country as human trafficking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the news headlines as often. In this issue, Ronny Rammutla, co-founder of Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking of Women (MAPTOW) addresses men on this matter (see page 12).   

We also profile the Can you see me? campaign, run by global anti-human trafficking organisation A21 (see page 16). Let us know your thoughts on this issue.  

Heritage Day is on 24 September. Amidst all the negativity, South Africa has no shortage of talented and inspiring individuals. Musician Jeremy Olivier is changing the world, one song at a time. No stranger to The Big Issue family, Jeremy believes that Africa’s time to rise has come (see page 28).  

Look out for the extract from Zephany by Joanne Jowell on page 34. Zephany tells the story of the young woman Miché Solomon who discovered that she is Zephany Nurse who was kidnapped from hospital as a baby.  

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with your family or friends, check out the West Coast wildflower route on page 38. Do share your pictures with us. 


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Zuko Pholo

The Big Issue vendor Tsepo Philiso’s kindness, empathy and selflessness when helping others – without expecting any rewards – has earned him the respect of his fellow vendors and customers alike.

Ntombekhaya Mhambi

Big Issue vendor Ntombekhaya Mhambi seldom misses a day on her pitch in Bowwood Road, Claremont. This charming single mother is determined
to redesign her children’s future.

Sex work or exploitation?

The conversations about prostitution and human trafficking of women and children at the hands of men, are often had without males being in the room. Ronny Rammutla, co-founder of Men Against Prostitution and Traffing of Women (MAPTOW), which advocates for the Equality Model, weighs in on the issue.

One man and his guitar

It’s hard not to be drawn into the soulful melodies and indigenous sounds of musician Jeremy Olivier’s album Changing World.

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