The Big Issue #274

  • 20 October to 19 November 2018­­­­­­­­
One of the things that make South Africa great is that we have people from different walks of life who are doing great things for themselves, and others, in their respective corners of society. South African freestyle kitesurfing champion Michelle Sky Hayward is a sterling example of what one can achieve through perseverance and dedication. At 27, Michelle has made her mark in the kitesurfing arena, inspiring many other young women along the way (see page 6).

In Lavender Hill, which is a stone’s throw away from Muizenberg, volunteers from House of David Love Fellowship are fearlessly sharing the few resources they have with the needy in and around their community. Their generosity shows that one does not always need an overflow of finance to care for and improve the lives of others (see page 32). In only a few weeks, South Africans will cast their votes in the national elections, which will mark 25 years of democracy. While many have added their voices to various debates, we caught up with a few of our valued Big Issue vendors, and asked them about their take on the elections and what voting means to them (see page 26).

If you’re an aspiring astronaut, big or small, you’re in for a treat this month. Our Little Issue turns the spotlight on the space race and highlights, among other things, the early days of space exploration (see page 19).


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X marks your vote

Word: Lungisa Mnqwazi
Images: Lungisa Mnqwazi

On 8 May, South Africans will cast their vote in the sixth national democratic elections. Several Big Issue vendors give us their take on this important political event.

Reconstructing communities

Word: Alicia English

Award-winning social enterprise RLabs is reconstructing communities through innovation, technology and education.

Songs of Empowerment

Words: Lungisa Mnqwazi
Images: Lungisa Mnqwazi

The Rainbow Academy, a non-profit organisation in Cape Town, is grooming the Mother City’s aspiring performance artists who want to make their mark in the industry.

House of David brings hope

Words: Lungisa Mnqwazi and Alicia English

In Seawinds, Lavender Hill, a group of volunteers from the House of David Love Fellowship is bringing hope to some of the city’s most vulnerable and forgotten communities.

Alternative Learning

Words: Lungisa Mnqwazi

On 9 April, nearly 1 300 learners were yet to be placed in Western Cape schools. With so many learners still awaiting placement, could the solution to this crisis lie in alternative education systems?

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