The Big Issue #273

  • 20 March to 19 April 2019
On 21 March, we celebrated Human Rights Day. In the times we’re living in, so many sectors of our society are vulnerable to abuse and crime, bad service delivery and poor quality of life. This couldn’t ring more true for people who are differently abled.

In this issue, we’ve decided to flip the lid on how we view people with different abilities. Accessibility Auditor Tarryn Tomlinson shows us that life is worth living even after experiencing the effects of a debilitating illness – she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which left her wheelchair-bound at 18 (see page 8). We also visit the Rocherpan Nature Reserve on the West Coast, where the young stars of the Warrior on Wheels Foundation demonstrate that adventure awaits us all (see page 12).

In more ways than one, our natural environment is increasingly coming under attack by pollution, littering and alien vegetation. Three cheers to the Friends of Tokai Park, who are doing their bit to ensure that this natural gem is preserved for generations to come (see page 16). Do share this Little Issue with your young ones; it’s filled with wonderful fast facts and tips to protect their natural environment (see page 19).

You are spoilt for choice in the second half of this issue. We discuss crowdfunding with Inge Prins (see page 28) and meet Xolisa Shenxani, an aspiring pilot from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village (see page 30).

We also connect with Sizwe Stugela, Head Chef of Olympia Café in Kalk Bay (see page 32) and sit down with Restaurateur and Author Karen Dudley (see page 34).


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Girl tames world

Words: Tarryn Tomlinson

Accessibility Auditor Tarryn Tomlinson has been wheelchair- bound since adolescence. She reveals how she’s managed to navigate her way around as someone living with a disability.

Eco Sanitation restores dignity

A newly installed dry toilet in Rugley Road, Vredehoek, is giving homeless people and volunteers working in a nearby organic food garden free access to safe and hygienic sanitation.

Sizwe’s cuisine

Words and Photography by: Lungisa Mnqwazi

Chef de cuisine at Olympia Café in Kalk Bay, Sizwe Stugela
is a young, up-and-coming chef who is making a name for himself in the culinary world.

Warrior on Wheels

Words and Photography by: Lungisa Mnqwazi

A partnership between CapeNature and the Warrior on Wheels Foundation is promoting mobility and transforming the lives of children with special needs.

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