The Big Issue #268

  • 20 September to 19 October 2018
Why would gorgeous, local television and Good Hope FM radio presenter, Danilo Acquisto take to the streets of Cape Town on a regular basis? Find out in this issue.

Along similar lines, and quite shocking, is the fate of Bird Island’s ‘lost boys’ and also the story of Ellen Pakkies. Have a look at our book review section – you’re in for top picks of the most riveting exposés on offer.

Curious South African culturalisms are explored in a riveting body of historic photographic work by David Goldblatt and Peter Magubane. Both photographers worked alongside each other in the same era with very different outcomes.

Enjoy entertainment with a twist – Pigcasso the painting pig is a rare sight to behold. Enjoy well-known writers Don Pinnock, Ben Trovato and John Bird.


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Vendors art collection

Vendors art collection The Big Issue art and writing classes are offered by Elaine Millin, and form part of the organisation’s development programme for vendors. Talented, […]

Stanton Nelson

Forty-four-year-old vendor on the pitch Stanton Nelson is the sole provider for four younger siblings.

Lindelwa Mtsi

Lindelwa Mtsi may come across as shy and quiet – but that’s only because she doesn’t speak English very well. Once you start talking to this vibrant Big Issue vendor, you’ll find that she’s quite the opposite: talkative, with a great sense of humour.

Kholisile Batayi

PITCH: 75 M62, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000 (-33.920655, 18.417449) SHOOTING FROM THE HIP "We’re not rich but there’s always something in the hand […]

South African Culturalisms

Our nation, previously divided, and currently obsessed with counting the wounds of the past, has unique cultural values, some endearing, others less so. Here is an excerpt from the Goodman Gallery.

Lola’s drawing pad

“When I was an angsty teenager I painted my tiny bedroom red, emptying it of everything other than an easel and a mattress …” says Lola Bartlett, artist and illustrator.

Meet Pigcasso, the painting pig

Pigcasso was destined to become the fi lling in a bacon sandwich until Joanne Lefson stepped in …

The possible death of a good man

A true story about the disappearance of a friend, as told by journalist and author Don Pinnock.

The Sunday group

Television and radio presenter Danilo Acquisto take to the streets every Sunday afternoon to spend time with people living on the streets of the Southern Suburbs. claim.

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