The Big Issue #263

  • 20 April to 19 May 2018
We turn our focus to adventures with purpose and profile several individuals who are braving extreme conditions in aid of a worthy cause.

First up is a team of six adventurers who set out to summit Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world, to raise awareness about Early Childhood Development in South Africa.

We also touch sides with South African Peter Dunn ahead of his trip to Campo on the USA’s Mexican border. Peter is walking the Pacific Coast Trail to encourage people to support the Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Our cover story takes us to the Antarctic Peninsula, where Greenpeace is supporting a proposal by the European Union to create the biggest protected area on Earth. We certainly hope they succeed in doing so.


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Vendor success: Monica’s off to a fresh start

Big issue entrepreneur Monica Vuka is one step closer to her dream vocation, thanks to the support she’s receiving from the organisation, customers and her family. She shares her journey with us.

Summiting the test

A team of adventurers took on the summit of the highest active volcano in the world in to bring awareness to the critical need for early childhood development in South Africa.

6 Million steps in the right direction

South African Peter Dunn has embarked on a five-month long journey to raise awareness and money for the Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC). We find out why.

So you think you can dance?

Jazzart Dance Theatre, the longest established dance company in the Cape, is hot on the heels of personal expression.

Exploring the deep blue with Ratanang

Civil Works Diver Ratanang Maremane has never been interested in a life on land. So after an application to be a fighter pilot didn’t work out, she took to the water and became only the second black navy diver in South Africa’s history.

Journey to Antarctica: seals, penguins and glacial beauty

Antarctica is a remote place, but it’s not immune to human interference. Reuters photographer Alexandre Meneghini accompanied a Greenpeace team on an expedition to support a call by the European Union to conserve nearly 2 million km2 of the region.

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