The Big Issue #262

  • 20 September to 19 October 2018
Why would gorgeous, local television and Good Hope FM radio presenter, Danilo Acquisto take to the streets of Cape Town on a regular basis? Find out in this issue.

Along similar lines, and quite shocking, is the fate of Bird Island’s ‘lost boys’ and also the story of Ellen Pakkies. Have a look at our book review section – you’re in for top picks of the most riveting exposés on offer.

Curious South African culturalisms are explored in a riveting body of historic photographic work by David Goldblatt and Peter Magubane. Both photographers worked alongside each other in the same era with very different outcomes.

Enjoy entertainment with a twist – Pigcasso the painting pig is a rare sight to behold. Enjoy well-known writers Don Pinnock, Ben Trovato and John Bird.


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Zama Loliwe

This month’s vendor on the pitch Zama Loliwe, 20, might be the new kid on the block, but he’s a keen learner. He opens up about being a new Big Issue entrepreneur.

Florence Godongwana

“I started as a Big Issue entrepreneur in 2010 when I decided to close my tavern business in Town 2, Khayelitsha, which I had started in 1998. It was a success but it came with consequences, as it had burnt down twice.

Lavista’s moved on and is living the dream

Former Big Issue entrepreneur Lavista Ntshoza, 34, is living his dream thanks to his perseverance and motivation from loyal customers.

Have yourself a feathery affair

It’s not every day you get to engage with eagles an arm’s length away. Brace yourself for a breathtaking experience with these majestic beauties at Eagle Encounters.

Zapiro Moments

Editorial cartoonist Zapiro shares a few outtakes from his latest annual
Hasta la Gupta, baby!

The good, the bad and the skotteltjie

Comedian Shimmy Isaacs reflects on the politics of the day, the city’s water crisis and the price of avocados.

Get to know Cyril’s top 6

Jacob is fired. Cyril is president. And the Gupta network fell apart faster than a two-week-old Daihatsu. The only thing falling apart faster is Helen Zille’s Twitter feed, writes Chester Missing.

Barry and an angry Bosnian

Someone once said that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Funny man Barry Hilton concurs.

Housekeeping at Luthuli House

Evita Bezuidenhout shares her 2018 Luthuli Housekeeping Report, and offers some advice for our country’s new number one.

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