The Big Issue #247

  • October 25 to November 24, 2016
Paris, Milan, New York, London — you name it, she’s probably sung there. She is, as we say, “A joy to the world”, and if you listen to her superb soprano delivering arias by Rossini, Delibes, Puccini and Donizetti, you’ll be clamouring for more. And now you can hear her on her first CD, “A Journey”, just released by Sony.

She’s real proof that talent and commitment can win. Read our interview with the star as she discusses perfecting her coloratura technique for “Lucia di Lammermoor” at the Opera National de Paris, and lets on that she does not have sleepless nights before going on stage. “Staying joyful is important for the voice and the person.”

UB40 talks to The Big Issue about their upcoming tour of SA — and the two rival versions of the band. Lead vocalist Ali Campbell talks about Madiba, being an “old hippie” distressed by the racial conflict he sees today, the power of music to heal, and parenting, among other things.

Six pages of magnificent photographs, “Oceans of Life” highlighting an important and beautiful exhibition at the Iziko Museum and the National Geographic spread displaying gorgeous international pictures as well as highlighting a call that entries are still open.

Every day millions of litres of sewage is pumped into the ocean around Cape Town. But the problem goes deeper than that — it’s also about the chemicals that get flushed into the ocean, from household cleaners to medicines. The debate rages around building land-based sewage plants and preserving our oceans — and fixing existing plants that need urgent attention. The city’s position is that the pollution is “insignificant”, and a decision on a new licence to keep pumping sewage into the ocean — or not — is expected soon.

There’s a trend towards eliminating meat and going vegetarian among the millennials. And that’s because they’re worried about the fate of our planet. Study after study has shown that growing plant food is far less wasteful of water and grain resources than raising livestock for the abattoir. Some countries are following the logic: China has recommended a 50% reduction in meat-eating – and Arnie Schwarzenegger no less, is supporting the campaign. Read more about what’s up and our interviews with Capetonians who’ve made the transition — and are loving it.

Fundza, a Muizenberg-based organization, focuses on one thing and one thing only: getting youngsters to read. They do this by employing young people to write short novellas, pithy enough to be read on cell phones, as well as relevant to their issues. They reach more than 60 000 people per month on their mobi site. Now that’s a great response!

Our new 4-page pull-out section for children. Aiming to encourage and develop scientific curiosity, it offers puzzles, discusses common questions that arise (for eg, “Are elephants really scared of mice?” and “Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?”), and this time shows children how to make a solid liquid.


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Chwayita Desemele

Chwayita first joined The Big Issue in 2008 and had no previous working experience before arriving at the magazine.She had been living with her mother and sister, who had been supporting her.

Charles Hare

Charles Hare is no stranger to The Big Issue. He first joined the organisation 14 years ago. He has been a jack-of-all-trades, working as a handyman at a hotel and then a fisherman as well as doing odd jobs here and there.

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