The Big Issue #243

  • June 24 to July 24, 2016.
Animal communication – or ‘psychic and telepathic interspecies communication’ – is a talking point in Cape Town. But is it really possible or are its followers just being played? We join the conversation.

The Tesla Model 3 is set to arrive in South Africa next year – but are we ready? And in a global market where at least one car company boss doesn’t even want you to buy his electric vehicle, is there really a future for chargeable cars?

Ever wondered why ice cream gives you brain freeze? Or whether it’s really worth holding your breath when you have hiccups? Find out in The Little Issue, produced in collaboration with HIP2B^2 and packed with riddles, puzzles and other smart stuff.

Currently on exhibition in Cape Town, the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year exhibition garnered entries from 54 countries – including ours. We showcase a selection of the standout images.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum ranked South Africa’s maths and science education 138^th out of 140 countries. We find out how an organisation called AIMSSEC is addressing the issue.

Police efforts to curb gang membership and violence in Cape Town are failing. In an attempt to find a solution, Don Pinnock’s new book turns existing theories on their head. He shares some insights and experiences with us.

The multi-award-winning comedian commonly known as Twakkie from The Most Amazing Show gets serious in a letter to his 10-year-old self.


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Mavis Ngwevushe

Mavis Ngwevushe isn’t new to The Big Issue. She first became a vendor in 2007, having been unemployed for a long time. She sold the magazine for two years and then left to work in a jewellery store, where she learnt to make and sell jewellery.

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