The Big Issue #235

  • September 25 to October 22, 2015
Mumford & Sons have become the biggest band in Britain and one of the most popular in the world. Soon to be heading to South Africa, the foursome sat down with The Big Issue UK’s Peter Ross to discuss faith, fame and rock ’n’ roll.

Twenty years into South Africa’s democracy, three local photographers – Sipho Mpongo, Sean Metelerkamp and Wikus de Wet – set out to discover the current state of their country. They called the project Twenty Journey.

Two years ago, comedian Mark Sampson and his family waved goodbye to the comforts of Cape Town. Their goal? To set a new world record for the longest journey made on alternative fuel, and to document to impacts of climate change in Africa.

Since January this year, Kenyan authorities have arrested hundreds of Ethiopians trying to reach South Africa. But does our country really offer refugees the greener pastures they are searching for? A Kenyan local considers this question.

David’s story: David Njove, 44, describes himself as a family man. Happily married with five children and three grandchildren, he believes in working hard to support his family. He started selling The Big Issue two years ago and has been doing so well that he’s our Vendor of the Month. We find out how he manages to do it all.

Luvo’s story: Luvo Loliwe, 31, has been a Big Issue vendor for three months. He previously worked as a packer at a grocery store, but lost his job when his contract expired. With no skills and little work experience, he decided to go door-to-door in search of a job. To his relief, he knocked on The Big Issue’s door.


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