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The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
PITCH:  Constantia
AGE:  47


Patrick’s job file

Patrick is a skilled handy man; he has experience in: paving, painting, gardening, plastering

Patrick would like to secure a job as a driver. If you can assist him with covering the cost of a driving licence test, please contact The Big Issue office on 021 461 6690.

Patrick Nqayi

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Hard work pays off for Patrick


“My children live with my sister as their mother and grandmother passed away in 2005. Being a single parent is not easy and I’m grateful for my sister’s help. At least my children get to have a mother figure in their lives – some children aren’t that fortunate.

“I’d love to see my children complete school as I never received the opportunity to do so. We live in tough, corrupt times; it scares me to think of the things in which children can easily get involved.

“My first-born matriculated last year and plans to continue his education, which makes me proud. I’m saving money for him to further his studies. Although he has applied for funding at different institutions, I want to have a back-up plan for him.”

Financial fundi

“Being an entrepreneur has taught me how to manage my finances. I’ve learnt to budget and save up for rainy days; I guess that’s why I made vendor of the month this month.

“I’m able to send my sister and children money that I have never thought I’d able to send, and still manage to survive financially. At The Big Issue, we learn a lot from the support meetings and share ideas on being money savvy. Besides saving for my children’s education, I’m saving towards getting a driving licence. I can drive, I just need the official papers.”

Networking know-how

“My customers are very friendly and supportive people who always look forward to buying the magazine. We talk about our families, social issues and life in general, including the country’s current state of politics.

“Talking to customers is the only way one builds a relationship with them. I love people and providing services to them fulfils me.”

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