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PITCH:  Sea point
AGE:  61


If you can assist Nomakhosina with building materials, would like to volunteer your services and help build her house, or would like to help her source a bursary for her daughter, please contact The Big Issue office on 021 461 6690 or email

Nomakhosina Sola

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Our vendor of the month, Nomakhosina Sola (61), sells The Big Issue at the corner of Beach road and Three Anchor Bay road in sea point. She shares her plans for the festive season with us.

Words and photography: Yonga Balfour

“I look forward to spending time with my children and extended family. We come together as one to celebrate the holidays with umxhentso (traditional dance), songs, prayer meetings and a great feast.

“Most importantly, I am looking forward to travelling with my church to the Eastern Cape for our annual gathering with the other branches of our church. It is always fun and spiritually uplifting. I hope to raise enough funds so that I don’t miss out this year,” she shares.

Nomakhosina hopes to visit other parts of the world one day.

“Apart from travelling for church reasons, I’ve come to learn that travelling opens one’s mind. It makes one look at life with a different perspective. You meet new people and learn how they live, which is exciting. My greatest wish is to travel the world – God willing, that is.”

Dreaming big

Having sold The Big Issue for 10 years, Nomakhosina doesn’t see herself retiring anytime soon.

“It has been a pleasant, fulfilling journey. The location of my pitch allows me to connect with people from all walks of life. My customers are supportive and friendly; words can’t begin to describe my gratitude towards them.”

She has big dreams for her family and is currently saving money to build a home for herself and her children. One of her children is matriculating this year, and Nomakhosina is looking for bursary opportunities to fund her daughter’s tertiary education in 2018.

While she plans to bond with her relatives this festive season, Nomakhosina shares her well-wishes for her Big Issue readers and family.

“I wish all the readers and my fellow entrepreneurs a superb Christmas. Don’t forget to put God first in all of your festivities.”

“I wish all the readers of The Big Issue and fellow entrepreneurs a superb Christmas.”


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