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The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
PITCH:  Strand Street, Cape Town,
AGE:  45


We need your help

Master would appreciate work as a truck driver but needs to get his Code 14 driving license. He also has experience in working with cars and is open to part-time jobs. Should you wish to assist Master in anyway, contact The Big Issue on 021 461 6690.

Master Nyethe

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I have been selling The Big Issue for 18 years now. I enjoy working in the city as it’s a diverse market and exposes me to many different types of people. My pitch is very central making it easy to attract consumers from all over the world. No single day is ever the same.

Being surrounded by hotels, the majority of my customers are tourists. I
like interacting with them because they are always positive about the magazine. We have conversations about things they find similar to their home counties and they tip very generously.

On the job
Sadly, sales have dropped in recent years. Everything around us is expensive and we can’t blame our customers, as they too have to prioritise what they buy. But I’m grateful still for the ongoing support of The Big issue.

Another factor affecting sales is the growth of The Big Issue family.
Back when I started selling the magazine, there were only a few of us. Now, I share my pitch with four other entrepreneurs.

I work well with the four ladies who share the pitch with me, even
though we are in competition. We respect, support and look out for each other.

I’m happy at The Big Issue, as it has empowered me to work with
people. I am also able to provide for myself and my family, and to spoil my children now and then. Before joining the magazine,

I worked as a car mechanic. I struggled to make ends meet and

Future forward
This year I plan on getting a driving licence that will enable me to be a truck driver. I also look forward to my children completing their studies in the coming years.

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