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The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
PITCH:  Rondebosch
AGE:  24


We need your help

Lindiwe is a qualified security officer and would like to secure a permanent job in the security industry. She would like to study office administration or hair styling but needs financial assistance. Donations such as clothing and other essentials for her son are also welcome. To assist Lindiwe in any way, contact The Big Issue offices on 021 461 6690.

lindiwe khihlana

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Lindiwe looks to the future

We get to know vendor on the pitch, Lindiwe Khihlana (24), who sells the big issue magazine on campground road in Rrondebosch.

“I became a Big Issue entrepreneur four months ago and it has been going well. I have a three-year-old boy and selling the magazine helps me to buy food and clothes, and pay his créche fees. I like the fact that The Big Issue empowers people and its readers are very helpful.

“I am a newbie in Cape Town. I moved here from Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape during Easter 2017. I find Cape Town to be a friendly city. It can get a bit rough, but if you mind your own business and avoid engaging in dangerous activities, which are found everywhere else in the world, you can live in


On duty

“I love that my pitch is central. I get to sell the magazine on my way from the taxi rank. I share the pitch with two other entrepreneurs. They are helpful and kind, as I’m still new in this business. We respect each other and all have our own loyal customers.

“My customers are good people and tip very well. With their tips and support, I buy and sell more copies of the magazine.”

Making ends meet

“When I’m not at my pitch I relax at home, spend time with my son or style people’s hair for extra money. I’m really good with hair.

“I’m extremely happy at The Big Issue. Everyone here is like family but I do wish I could find employment so that I can save money to further my education and secure my son’s future.”

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