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The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
PITCH:  Fish Hoek
AGE:  34


Hello 2018

Sales haven’t been good as it is the start of a new year. The first three months of a year are usually a bit slow, as customers are still recovering from the festive season and back-to-school but things should pick up soon.

My New Year’s resolutions include buying a vehicle to start my own
transport business so that I can help my wife complete her studies. By 2020, I hope to have a successful business.

That way, I can lend a helping hand to organisations like The Big Issue
that empower people to do better.

That way, I can lend a helping hand to organisations like The Big Issue
that empower people to do better.

Bongani Pholo

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I have been selling The Big Issue for the past 15 years. I started out in Claremont and then moved to Cape Town, after that I moved to Fish Hoek and I’ve been selling the magazine here for seven years.

At one stage, I found employment on a farm and stopped selling The
Big Issue. But I left that job after about six months and came back to being a vendor because I was fi nding it hard to make ends meet.

Being a Big Issue entrepreneur has been great. As entrepreneurs,
we’re challenged to perform at our best and encouraged not to think small, but envision our lives beyond our days on our pitches. I’ve learnt about entrepreneurship and how to handle money from a young age thanks to the organisation.

Earning Respect

I am a hard-working and friendly person, and I treat my customers with respect.

Selling magazines is not an easy job. People have to believe and trust
in you and the product you’re selling them. You really have to work hard and be completely transparent to earn people’s trust. Once your customers trust you, you can earn their respect. Then they will recognise your work ethic and support you.

There’s no science or a special strategy behind selling the magazine.
You just need to be humble and patient. Thanks to all my hard work, I have a stunning relationship with my customers.


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