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The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalized adults to take responsibility for their own lives through development employment programme.

Primarily, we produce a monthly magazine which individuals purchase from our offices to sell at traffic lights. This way of earning an income is not easy. Traffic light sales are gruelling – on your feet all day; in all kinds of hot, cold, wet and windy weather; relying on the interest or kindness of strangers, and the possibility of befriending regular customers. It is hard work!

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  • Date
    October 23, 2019
    Big Issue vendor Beauty Mjethu is always spreading love, whether she’s at her pitch or at home. We get to know this mother of three.
  • Date
    September 25, 2019
    Big Issue vendor Ntombekhaya Mhambi seldom misses a day on her pitch in Bowwood Road, Claremont. This charming single mother is determined to redesign her children’s future.