Change is in your pocket

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Shimmy Isaacs

The good, the bad and the skotteltjie

Comedian Shimmy Isaacs reflects on the politics of the day, the city’s water crisis and the price of avocados.

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Good day South Africa! It’s me, Shimmy Isaacs. You know, the two-time-award-winning actress, writer and comedienne. Internationally renowned for my stand-up comedy, fi lm and television career, and stage acting experience in New York City. You may have seen me on channel 147 on DStv with my fabulous couples show Ken Jy My, Comedy Central Africa, Kyknet, Showmax,, and many more channels, if you can afford it.

But this isn’t about me; it’s about South Africa’s place in the world, the changes we have been going through. The Big Issue is about the good and the bad, from the change in presidency to the water crisis.

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