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Talent and a pen …

How does she do it? Illustrator and lecturer Mieke van der Merwe draw with a Rotring pen from direct observation.

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Not everyone can draw. Drawing is a talent that is refined by educational skill.” Thoughts?

I agree and disagree to some extent. For me drawing is like running; some people have more natural talent and with the right amount of training are able to win a race. Others might never win a race but are capable of reaching a fitness level, through practice, that enables them to finish a 5k.

The same goes withdrawing. Through enough practise and training, anyone can reach a place where they are able to draw an object or person or their surroundings.

Where’s The Rabbit? 2018. A2, pen and ink. Exhibition – “The truth about rabbits”, Rust and Vrede Gallery, Durbanville


South African Pantry, 2014. A5 sketchbook, mixed media. Exhibition – “The Sketchbook Project”, Brooklyn Library, New York


Graaff-Reinet Church, 2013. A4, pen and watercolour. Exhibition – “Home is Where I Am with You”, Salon 91 Contemporary, Cape Town


The Old Biscuit Mill, 2013. A4, mixed media. Exhibiti on – “Home is Where I Am with You”, Salon 91 Contemporary, Cape Town



We Are Nature, 2018. 8m x 2,5m, eco-friendly paint. Exhibition – “Festival of Action” hosted by Greenpop, Touwsranten






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