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Mother City Full-Moon Bike Ride to raise funds for safe spaces throughout city

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The majestic beauty‭ ‬of the Mother City in full moon‭ ‬and a good‭ ‬cause meet on‭ ‬June‭ ‬4‭ ‬in the form of a‭ ‬10km Full-Moon Bike Ride in aid of the Rock Girl Safe Spaces Initiative.

Rock Girl‭ ‬is a grassroots public art and education campaign to raise awareness for the need of‭ ‬“safe spaces‭”‬ from violence‭ ‬— particularly for women and young girls‭ ‬— in the form of benches in and around the city.

The Safe Spaces campaign was inspired by a group of Grade‭ ‬7‭ ‬learners‭ ‬from Manenberg.‭ ‬With the support of local artists,‭ ‬parents and donations,‭ ‬the learners painted murals,‭ ‬installed their own Safe Space bench and built an art room,‭ ‬kick-starting a‭ ‬transformation of their entire school.

‎“‏We hope to inspire and motivate citizens from all walks of life to find ways‭ ‬to ensure that women and girls‭ ‬— and thus everyone‭ ‬— is safe from violence,‭”‬ explained founder Michelle India Baird.‭ ‬“We will be partnering with artists and designers to create one-of-a-kind public benches that will serve as symbolic safe spaces.‭”

The‭ ‬Full-Moon Bike Ride,‭ ‬sponsored and‭ ‬hosted by The Grand Daddy Hotel,‭ ‬is open to the public and accommodates cyclists of all ages and capabilities.‭ ‬The cost‭ ‬to enter is‭ ‬R50,‭ ‬which includes BOS iced tea,‭ ‬snacks at The Grand Daddy Hotel and‭ ‬entertainment by the Nomadic Orchestra after the race.‭ ‬Registration starts at‭ ‬17h30‭ ‬at the hotel and the ride‭ ‬starts‭ ‬18h30.

A live auction will follow at‭ ‬19h30‭ ‬with items such as a two-night stay at Grand Daddy Hotel and Old Mac Daddy and artwork from Paul du Toit‭ ‬up for grabs.

Since the unveiling of the first safe space bench last year at the Freeworld Design Centre,‭ ‬an‭ ‬additional‭ ‬30‭ ‬safe benches have been set up in and around Cape Town.

‎“‏Each bench will have a sister bench located in a previously disadvantaged community that is providing an actual safe space.‭ ‬The benches are functional,‭ ‬educational,‭ ‬beautiful and inspirational,‭”‬ said India Baird.‭

The bench showcased at the Design Indaba is now permanently located at the Cape Town International Convention Centre‭ (‬CTICC‭) ‬and its sister bench is in Khayelitsha.‭ ‬© The Big Issue South Africa

More information about Rock Girl can be found at and to hire a bicycle contact The Grand Daddy Hotel 021-424-7247 or email:


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