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Marc Lottering

Comedian Marc Lottering needs no introduction. Fans are in for a comic treat this festive season as he takes to the stage in Aunty Merle: The Musical at the Baxter Theatre. We catch up with Marc and Aunty Merle to chat about their plans for the holidays.

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Comedian Marc Lottering has had South African audiences in stitches for the past 16 years. His latest offering, Autny Merle: The Musical, promises to continue that trend. Running from 30 November 2017 to 13 January 2018 at the Baxter Theatre, the show will certainly give audiences the giggles.

Aunty Merle Abrahams from Belgravia Road in Athlone is experiencing some family drama this Christmas. Abigail, Merle’s daughter played by Tarryn Lamb, announces that she is getting married to “a decent white chap”. While love usually conquers all, it’s seldom that everything goes right. Although the show has a few twists and turns, everybody gets their happy ending.

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