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Conrad Koch

Get to know Cyril’s top 6

Jacob is fired. Cyril is president. And the Gupta network fell apart faster than a two-week-old Daihatsu. The only thing falling apart faster is Helen Zille’s Twitter feed, writes Chester Missing.

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It seems like its all roses and Vitality points out here in South Africa, but we need to look a little closer, comrades. If the ANC is a cash-in-transit heist, all they’ve done is fire the driver. Let’s look at just the ANC top 6, in case you don’t read newspapers.

The ANC top 6, which sounds like it’s got something to do with matric results, is not even remotely based on merit. It’s based on brown paper envelopes with money in them, handed out at a conference the ANC has once every five years. At this conference, 5 000 people eat buffets and stab each other in the back.

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