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Eco-friendly travel made easy

Local green movement, Cape Town Green Map, is celebrating 10 years of positioning the Mother City as a top green tourism destination.

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On 5 June, which marks World Environment Day, Cape Town Green Maps will celebrate 10 years of putting the Mother City’s green tourism destinations on the map, quite literally.

It is a locally led, globally linked movement that maps nature, culture and green living places in communities around Cape Town. “It is the voice for the green lifestyle community and supports your choice to live a green life to sustain the future for your kids. We feature everything, including green wine locations so that you can make informed decisions about your destination,” explains Philip Todres, one of the founders of Cape Town Green Map.

When the movement was first established, it primarily targeted tourists who visited the city during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It then extended its offering beyond the World Cup due to an increase in demand from locals. “The map was established to make the lives of tourists easy and get to know the city just by grabbing a map, but later we saw the need to keep it going because even our citizens are not well informed about their city,” says Philip.

Over the years, Cape Town Green Map has grown and partnered with the City of Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism, MapMyWay and 110% Green. These organisations play a pivotal role in ensuring that the movement extends its offering. “The past 10 years have not been easy, but we pride ourselves on being the most visited website by tourists from all over the world, and the numbers are growing each day,” says Philip.

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