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Craig sings his way to the top

Craig Lucas, winner of The Voice SA talks to us about his cheerful childhood in Elsiesriver, love for his family, and more.

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When Craig Lucas entered The Voice SA, he doubted that he would ever make it through the audition round.

“My friends fought with me and basically forced me to enter. I was never going to audition for The Voice because I didn’t think I’d make it,” says the 23-year old from Elsies River.

Craig impressed the judges and fans with his vocal talent, especially since he has had no formal training in music and, unlike many of his fellow contestants, doesn’t have a musical background.

“I am extremely shy and introverted and find it hard to communicate my feelings. Singing has always been my outlet,” he says, explaining his love for the art.

Craig’s mentor for The Voice was The Parlotone’s frontman, Kahn Morbee.


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