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Buhle’s cinema in a box

Buhle Sithela is a young entrepreneur who is not waiting for his big break to come before bringing change to his community. He is using innovation to bring the big screen and big change to audiences in Khayelitsha.

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Buhle Sithela doesn’t think about what he has to do on Fridays; he just gets down and dirty cleaning the dustbins of his neighbourhood clients. His part-time business, Khayelitsha Bin Clean Project, which he runs with several others, is a means to a much more captivating and creative end.

Come Friday night, 21-year-old Buhle uses his bin-cleaning income to host African filmmakers’ talents for the broader Khayelitsha community via very inventive means. He uses a lightweight, ‘green’, mobile cinema called the Sunbox.

Buhle’s solar-powered cinema-in-abox contains a mini-projector, speakers, solar panels and battery. Bringing the stars to people on his roll-up screen takes the movie enthusiast just 10 minutes to set up. So far, many adults and children alike in Khayelitsha have benefited from his screenings.


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