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Afrikan in motion

Cape Town documentary photographer Yasser Booley talks to us about finding his passion, searching for the perfect shot, and travelling halfway across the African continent using nothing but public transport.

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“My journey as a photographer started in 1992. I was 17 and my father gave me a 35mm Yashica FXD camera. I quickly realised how useful it was for recording the world around me, and the people living in it.

The first roll of lm I ever shot was at the memorial service of slain ANC activist Chris Hani. I was still in high school and our principal had told us to avoid the inner city at all costs. I snuck out the house and convinced two of my friends from class to come with me.It was mayhem and chaos in the city centre that morning. In a way, that was kind of what gave me direction in my photography — in terms of narrative and story

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