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Exploring the deep blue with Ratanang

Civil Works Diver Ratanang Maremane has never been interested in a life on land. So after an application to be a fighter pilot didn’t work out, she took to the water and became only the second black navy diver in South Africa’s history.

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What training did you undergo to become a commercial diver?

My most recent training, Class III in Commercial Diving, qualifies me as an inshore civil works diver. This means I have the necessary skills to do underwater technical work, using surface supply equipment – underwater welding, cutting, concrete laying and more.

What’s next?

I would like to qualify as an engineer diver. When on an underwater project, the engineer depends on the diver for information on the status quo under the water. But the roles require vastly different skills. A diver is not an engineer and vice versa, which is a challenge. I’d like to qualify as an engineer diver in order to bridge this gap and be able to perform both roles at once.

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