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The Agents of Change profiles local people or organisations committed to making positive changes in our society, whether they are focused on children, youth, our older citizens, animals, tackling social challenges, or finding innovative ways of effecting change.

We also include photo essays and spreads featuring outstanding images from across South Africa and, sometimes, the world.



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Sex work or exploitation?

The conversations about prostitution and human trafficking of women and children at the hands of men, are often had without males being in the room. Ronny Rammutla, co-founder of Men Against Prostitution and Traffing of Women (MAPTOW), which advocates for the Equality Model, weighs in on the issue.

Can you see me?

Human Trafficking is a lot closer to home than we think. A new campaign launched by A21, a global organisation fighting this scourge, is challenging South Africans not to turn a blind eye to it.

One man and his guitar

It’s hard not to be drawn into the soulful melodies and indigenous sounds of musician Jeremy Olivier’s album Changing World.