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Rhinos in the city

The spectacular ‘The Rhinos Are Coming!!!’ outdoor art exhibition has returned to the city to raise funds to help stop rhino poaching.

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When Cape Town designer Janice Ashby returned to Cape Town in 2011 after a two-decade stint in New York, she was confronted with the scourge of rhino poaching. One of her fondest memories of her time in America was of the stunning Cow Parade, an outdoor art exhibition that animated the grey streets of Chicago. Life-sized cow sculptures were painted and decorated by local artists, bringing visitors to the city in droves.

Janice learnt that these exhibitions raised extraordinary amounts of money for worthy causes. She soon realised that an exhibition of rhinos rather than cows was the perfect vehicle through which to raise funds for rhino protection and bring a spectacular outdoor art exhibition to Cape Town.


In 2013, Janice founded The Rhinos Are Coming!!! The initiative begins with a sponsorship drive to fund the painting of life-sized rhino sculptures. Well-known and emerging artists transform the plain, white rhino sculptures into valuable, artistic and visually entertaining works of art.

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