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A walrus mother and pup resting on an iceberg, Svalbard, Arctic.

Natural Wonder

Sir David Attenborough is using his famous voice to turn the world’s attention to a part of the planet that urgently needs our help: the oceans.

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It’s the voice that’s spawned a thousand imitators: wise but warm, avuncular and slightly husky, breathless with enthusiasm. The voice of a born storyteller, a plummy baritone infused with dry humour and a limitless capacity for wonder. For every vole scurrying through the undergrowth, there’s a David Attenborough impersonator doing a dramatic YouTube voiceover.

At 91, Sir David Attenborough has enjoyed a remarkable journey in broadcasting from locations across the globe.


Giant cuttlefish mating aggregation, Whyalla, South Australia.


Surfing bottlenose dolphins, South Africa.

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