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Maureen and her cats

When we first heard of Maureen Gericke, a pensioner in Gardens, and the city cats she’s been looking after for 17 years, we couldn’t resist the urge to share this love story with our readers.

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You know it’s feeding time in Faure Street, Gardens, by the four hungry-looking, pacing cats, and the uninvited flock of pigeons in tow.

Feeding usually happens around 3.30pm, but it could be any time between 3pm and 4pm. One thing is certain: the cats know Maureen Gericke is coming to feed them every day.

Maureen hasn’t disappointed them and the 30 other city cats she has fed for 17 years. Every day without fail, through heat and storms, this Florence Nightingale of street cats loads her cart with bowls, water and a selection of cat food, and walks from her home in Keerom Street, to feed “her cats”.

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