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Gathering strands with Lionel Davis

In honour of Lionel Davis’ 81st birthday, the Iziko Museums of South Africa and the District Six Musuem have come together to exhibit the work of this artist, educator anti-apartheid activist and former political prisoner.

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Known for his complex linocut prints, the former District Six resident tells the story of his youth and incarceration on Robben Island through his art. Gathering Strands: Lionel Davis offers a unique opportunity to explore the life and work of the acclaimed artist.

“My journey through life, starting in District Six, going on to my work as a teacher and later as a public speaker, has been about bringing people together. It is about learning to work together and learning from each other. The strands are about binding us together – socially, culturally and artistically,” explains Lionel.

Throughout his life, Lionel has used art as a means of recording and reflecting on South Africa’s political transformations. As such, the museum space became a place where he could use his art to educate others. “Museums are living spaces, providing visitors with the chance to see, explore and learn our heritage,” he says.


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