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Escape to Wellington

Ever considered adding the town of Wellington to your bucket list? If not, take a cue from Ingrid Jones, who took a road trip to this historic town.

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The town of Wellington was established in 1688 by the French Huguenots and was originally called Limietvallei, then renamed Wagenmakersvallei because many wagon makers settled there. Eventually, in 1844, after Napoleon was defeated by the Duke of Wellington, it inherited the name it still holds today, given by the then governor of the Cape Sir George Napier.

This must be the same Napier who had another town in the Overberg named after him. It stands to reason that the town would today still pay homage to its origins – much like Franschhoek, which is a little piece of France at the southern tip of Africa.


It does, however, carry way more of a Dutch legacy, what with the Dutch Reformed Church that dates back to the 1840s taking centre stage in town and many of the buildings and streets named after prominent Afrikaans figures.

If history is your thing, then a visit to this historic town is a must. My trip to Wellington had nothing to do with history, but rather about attending a very romantic wedding in the heart of the Winelands.

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