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Daisy crazy

Harsha Gordhan takes a trip up the West Coast with four of her friends to experience some fl ower power in the blossoming Namaqualand.

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I first heard about the colourful Namaqualand flowers at a braai. But it was almost a year, and a whole bunch of spreadsheets, later when a group of friends and I finally decided to take the trip down to the Cape.

After months of plotting dates, times, distances and possible places to stay along the way, we boarded our plane and flew down to Cape Town.

Our journey officially began at 7am on Friday, giving us plenty of time to settle in when we reached Nieuwoudtville. It was a bit of a tight squeeze trying to fi t five girls, all of their luggage and food into a rental hatchback, but somehow we managed it. We were off.



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