Change is in your pocket

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Barry Hilton

Barry and an angry Bosnian

Someone once said that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Funny man Barry Hilton concurs.

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I’m a comedian. I’m also a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend and, yes, a cousin. But I’m fortunate enough to write the word “comedian” under “occupation” when I’m struggling through seven forms in triplicate to request a form that will enable me to enquire about an appointment for an application for a driver’s licence renewal.

That’s something I will always be grateful for. Ask any comedian and they will tell you that it’s a great privilege to do what we do. It’s also a responsibility. I can remind you of everything that’s going wrong around us (well, not everything – I’ve only got about 800 words) but so can your grumpy aunt on Facebook who keeps sharing conspiracy theories about lizard people and the flatness of the Earth.


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