Change is in your pocket

The Big Issue is a socially responsible non-profit organisation that enables willing unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives through a developmental employment programme.
David Bullard Steve Katz Louise van Rhyn Anonymous Nicola
Diamond family Arelisky family Blackwell Mark Hibbert RBM
Stuart Kantor B Excell Helen During Lunsky family Donvay Wegierski
Phumzile Van Damme Sarah Britten Les Ruhrmund Gootkin family Barbour family
The Cohen Family
Viv Gordon Goldstein family Philip Hirschson
Cara Saven Davies family
The Lou Singer Charitable Trust
The Leo and Patricia Fine Foundation Coffee Right Sally Phillips Anonymous Steven D’Agiuar
Brenda Doyle Leisha Davies Mazor Aluminium Anne Marie van Buuren Seven C
Craig Nain Martindale-Tucker DK Smith Neil Tillemans Guy Harris
The Egg Trust
Doug Jackson
MJ Smith
Nicky Wilton Jayson Chin Lynne Smit Maze Clothing Debra Gouws Attorneys
Brendan Manca Anonymous Anonymous Laura Markovitz Eliot Osrin
Susan Bourne Alice & Jack Torres J M Flannagan Joanne Walsh Isa-Lee Jacobson
Ian & Dalene Morris Harris EA Reynolds Simon Hudson Coast & Country
Veritas Wealth Baalbergen family Marli
Victoria Reuvers
Michelle Perrins ?
Marja Roodt Nation Clothing Openfield Marketing Alon Lits
Anli van Jaarsveld Anton Ferreira Dani de Beer Joanne Walsh Fiona Ross
Mark and Ca Kanan Wealth Keswick Family MacDonald family Marja Roodt
Roger Graham N Wilton Nation Housing Stein family R Hirsch
Terry & Barbara Bell Rose Cohen Rubridge Simon Hudson Sormani
The Ballantynes
Giant Bicycles
Catherine Adonis Craig Howie
Daguair Gawronsky Jill K Little Michelle Baartman
Naylor Phirschohn R Maskell RL Roux Shoot Out Crew
Smallberger Susan Platt Uthando
W Stay The Kurgan Trust ? ? ?
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We’d also like to thank the following donors,
who recently contributed to The Big Issue:

David Bullard, Anne Welsh, Naett Atkinson, Bronwynne Wiehl, Eileen Janeke, Venetia Paulse, Nicole Dodd, Stuart Thomas, Marthalize Tredoux, Adam Barnes, Bianca Tait, Annelie, Hennie Coetzee, Rachelle Bricout, John Perlman, Mike Wilter, Gareth Morgan, Johann Botha, Burbidge, Viv Gordon, Cohen family, Sheila Duchenne, R Ronnie, O Osborne, Sally Phillips, Favish, Bravo, Zoom, Rael Levitt, Sheila, Family Baalbergen, Davies, Beth Silbert, Elise and Romain Sormani

* If any of these donations are ongoing monthly contributions towards the Big 200,
please let us know by using the reference Your Name/Big 200.