Change is in your pocket

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Images: Stefan Els; The Platter Project

A platter full of hope

How a hand-painted platter has become a symbol of change thanks to the family of a kidney transplant patient.

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In 2013, Diana Wilkinson was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and was thrown into a world of repeated dialysis, blood transfusions and 50 visits to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Together, Diana’s kidneys weighed nine kilograms and each was removed over the year that followed. During this time Diana, who is a gifted artist, started painting. She painted a rhino onto a large ceramic platter, which caught her daughter Legh’s attention. When Legh posted the platter onto Facebook, the response was overwhelming. So overwhelming that it spurred Leigh to start The Platter Project to raise funds for and awareness around organ donation.

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