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Sex work or exploitation?

The conversations about prostitution and human trafficking of women and children at the hands of men, are often had without males being in the room. Ronny Rammutla, co-founder of Men Against Prostitution and Traffing of Women (MAPTOW), which advocates for the Equality Model, weighs in on the issue.

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Uproar over fines against homeless

The City of Cape Town has come under fire by some sectors of society over its controversial move to fine homeless people living on the streets of Cape Town.

From Tragedy to Triumph

At the age of 78, a fire still burns in the heart of Maggie Oewies-Shongwe, founder of South Africa’s first labour union, to alleviate the plight of domestic workers. Now retired, she’s still as outspoken as ever on issues of injustice and poverty.

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