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Issue #221
24 July

Food swapping: getting over the yuck factor

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People love freebies and a host of online communities are trying to help kick the habit of throwing away items for needless reasons. From unwanted clothes to old furniture. People are beginning to realise that the gift of giving to someone else is kinder and greener, and that it can play a part in reducing waste. Now this kindness is extending to leftover food. (read more…)


Former car guard gets his master’s degree

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Former car guard Albert Mpazayabo’s great regret is that he cannot use his new master’s degree in his own country, Rwanda.

Mpazayabo, 52, graduated with a master’s degree in HIV and AIDS management in April 2014. But, he says, his degree is “meaningless” because he cannot use it. (read more…)


Clear the Air: How Eskom’s coal kills

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Whilst most people benefit from Eskom’s electricity in South Africa, this video shows how it’s the health and lives of the people in the Highveld that are disproportionately suffering from the health impacts due to pollution from South Africa’s energy supplier. (read more…)


Mathematics a key to Africa’s future

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Hopes are high for 49 students from 20 different African countries who graduated with a master’s degree in Mathematics in Cape Town last week. The students – from countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa – completed their studies at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) located in Muizenberg. (read more…)


Canoeing – the new sport in Khayelitsha

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What used to be a mugging haven for Makhaza Khayelitsha thugs has had a facelift. Officially opened late last year, ‘the park’ as it is known by people in the area, now comprises an outdoor gym and a play park for children, and there are canoeists in the dam. (read more…)


Chester Missing in the hot seat

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Where were you born?
I wasn’t born, idiot. I’m a puppet. I was made, I was created, like a microwave.

Then how did you get your name?
I don’t know. I guess that’s why I’m called “Missing”. But I’m not lost property. Not yet, anyway. (read more…)


First green bakery in Khayelitsha opens

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Lufefe Nomjana used to bake 25 loaves of spinach bread a day and walk up to 25 kilometres to distribute them. Now he has launched the first green bakery in Khayelitsha, Espinaca Innovations. (read more…)


Cape Town keeps the homeless warm

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On 15 May, the City of Cape Town announced via its website that the Social Development Department has made R280 000 available to non-profit organisations to assist homeless people this winter. (read more…)


Godzilla not welcome at home

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An American reboot of the legendary Godzilla is in cinemas all over the world. But in Japan – where the monster was originally created – the announcement of the movie didn’t go down very well, coming just three years after the Fukushima disaster. (read more…)